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Davey & Browne

Australian wine luminary Kym Davey and Browne Family Vineyards’ Andrew Browne are lifelong friends who harnessed their collective whirlwind of energy, enthusiasm, and passion to create a fellowship of fine wines. Andrew Browne will tell you that Kym and his winemaking brother John Davey are recognized internationally for their stellar wines.
“We share a passion for adventure – for Kym it’s motorcycles and for me it’s fly fishing,” Andrew explains. “These wines are an honest expression of shared experiences and a lasting friendship, as well as an honorary tribute to our grandfathers.” The Gordon and Bitner block from the Davey Estate vineyard in the McLaren Vale in South Australia is named in honor of both Kym and John’s grandfather (Gordon) and Andrew’s grandfather (Bitner).

Kym Davey believes that passion and pride are attributes that can be gained from their forefathers, their upbringing, and their friendships throughout life: “We are proud to recognize our grandfather Gordon Hartley Sharpe’s vision over sixty years ago, by staking claim to our Estate.”

In the 1990s John and Kym further developed the Davey Estate Vineyard in McLaren Vale, one of Australia’s most renowned wine growing areas. The McLaren Vale region is located 45 miles south of Adelaide, the capital of South Australia. The wines, each made in its distinct style, showcase the best the McLaren Vale has to offer. They also represent a family committed to producing outstanding wines from the land they love. John’s approach to crafting wine is modern and minimalist. Respecting the fruit is crucial. With small-batch open fermentation, gentle handling, pressing, and maturation, the wines are balanced, food friendly and expressive of their terroir. Davey & Browne wines are available in select retail and restaurant locations nationwide.


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