Camouflage Metamorphic Bag

Matemorphic Bags with Browne

Browne Family Vineyards and Metamorphic Gear collaborated on a series of exclusive merchandise after Courtney Browne was introduced to this brand by a friend. She fawned over one of Metamorphic’s slick looking and functional totes but was even more excited when she found it was made from recycled sail cloth. The company is giving second lives to boat sails and other materials (tarps, climbing ropes, seatbelts, and parachutes) as renewed, eco-friendly lifestyle products. Tough, stylish and sustainable, the concept works! Courtney took action to partner up, and it’s clear why.

Metamorphic Gear founder Lindsay Lawrence is a traveler, sailor and outdoorsman in his own right, and he drew inspiration for the urban lifestyle line from his own adventures. He was most impressed by the durability of sail material; long after their use at sea, sails still have plenty of life when used as items such as tote bags.


Metamorphic Bags are currently sold out in our tasting rooms.