Browne Forest Project

Browne Family has partnered with environmental non-profit One Tree Planted to create the Browne Forest Project. For each bottle of Browne Forest Project wine sold, a tree is proudly planted to help restore forests in the Pacific Northwest and beyond.

This initiative provides consumers with wine of uncompromising quality while supporting local reforestation efforts. Winemaking regions – the Pacific Northwest included – have felt the impact of flooding and forest fires in recent years. One Tree Planted makes it simple to give back by partnering with local reforestation organizations to create an impact for nature, people, and wildlife.

The Browne Forest Project takes its carbon footprint into account with its packaging: bottles are 31 percent lighter than a standard- heavyweight bottle reducing the energy required for transit and production. Cartons for shipping these wines come from responsibly managed forests (per the Forest Stewardship Council) and by using a label-free design Browne Family has saved over 540,000 paper labels in the first year of production.

The Browne Forest Project started as a personal mission given recent impacts due to climate change on our vineyards and grapes. In just 9 months we have planted over 107,300 trees and have pledged to plant one million trees as a part of the program.


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