Grapes on a vine

ISSUE #14: Bodega Ribas

A QUICK 45-MINUTE FLIGHT FROM BARCELONA is the island of Majorca – a jewel in the Mediterranean renowned for its nature preserves, cycling community, culinary tourism and bountiful wine. Located in the Majorcan village of Consell, Bodega Ribas has been making wine for more than 300 years. With nearly 100 acres of estate vineyards, carefully tended to by family generation after generation, Ribas is best-known for providing a voice to nearly extinguished Catlonian varietals like Mantonegro, Prensal and Gargollasa. Their philosophy is simple: Grow the best fruit possible and let the generations of knowledge nurturing it to create wines that are personal, elegant and with distinct terroir.
In particular, their fresh white wine, 97 percent Prensal in most years, is extraordinarily refreshing with bright notes of lemon zest and white flower and a crisp backbone of acidity to merry with the island’s traditional slow-roasted, salt-crusted sea bass.