Group of golfers at Bandon Dunes golf course

ISSUE #5: Bandon Dunes

What makes an epic trip? A special experience that is unexpected yet in retrospect exceeds all expectations is an epic trip. For me, that experience took place at Bandon Dunes, Oregon, this fall.

We encountered weather that doesn’t happen often along the rainy Oregon coast: a slight breeze, high 60s and pure sunshine. I invited a group of guys who had never been together before, but chose this assembly because my gut said they would click and have a fun time. East Coast, West Coast and no coast not only came together, but bonded over great wine and friendly competition. We played a ton of golf, told stories, learned about each other’s lives and families, and by the end of it all made lasting friendships.

Maybe that is what “epic” is all about: jumping into a situation that you aren’t sure what it means (other than hitting a little white ball) but embracing it – and the group – to allow for snapshots of moments that will last for a lifetime.

I hope that anyone reading this will have the opportunity to have the experience (however it manifests itself) that I was blessed with on a sunny Oregon coast with a few crazy guys that have since become lifelong friends. Guys, THANK YOU!