ISSUE #4: Canyon Vineyard Ranch

We have enjoyed such a bounty this harvest through Washington, and this is evident in our Browne Family Vineyards hallmark site: Canyon Vineyard Ranch in Prosser, part of the Yakima Valley. Not only is this site near and dear to my heart because of its rolling hills, wide variety of microclimates and clay soil (which fosters early ripening), but this is also where I married my bride, Courtney, in May.

Bud break was right on track in Washington, we saw the first signs of new life on the vines in the first couple weeks of April. Everything to follow was all but typical. The 2014 growing season saw a long, hot summer that fully developed sugar levels and brought the grapes well-supported tannins. We were able to let the Cabernet Sauvignon destined for the 2014 Tribute hang for an extended time on the vine, which gave us some of the ripest fruit we have ever harvested.