Three people on a fishing boat with a net

ISSUE #3: Hood Canal

My wife’s grandmother told us she once heard that saltwater soothes the soul. At first I thought this was a little “out there” – now, however, I believe her with every fiber of my being. Courtney and I recently purchased a home on the North Shore of Hood Canal, the community has always held a special place for both of us – prior to meeting each other – so it only felt right that we make this place a part of our future together. Just about every weekend this summer we made the effort to drive an hour and a half south of Seattle and escape to our own personal paradise.

Kayaks. Crab pots. BBQs. Fireworks. Friends that turn into family, and memories that will live forever. This is what living on Hood Canal is, and this is our sanctuary at Eleven Northshore.

I feel the impact on my soul as soon as I turn onto Northshore Road and I leave hoping that feeling will find a way to linger until I’m able to return again.