Boat on the Puget Sound

ISSUE #19: Puget Sound, Washington

When we lived in West Seattle, you would often find us walking along Alki Beach – stroller bogged down with snacks, blankets, books for the kids etc. We’d let Elliott hop out (sorry Brooks, you weren’t walking then!) and run along the beach to get out a little energy, maybe stop at coffee shop or a park or two along the way but if the kids fell asleep Andrew and I would continue our walk for miles around the point and down Beach Drive. We LOVED that walk and our time together as a family; weather was not a factor for this PNW family (stroller rain shields for the win!). Now that we’re in Gig Harbor, we can’t wait to make it a treat to visit our old stomping grounds this summer. We are newer to Gig Harbor, so are working to make it a real point to visit the sweet downtown waterfront and maritime community. Andrew subscribes to the “learn by immersion” motto of “get out, explore, exercise, and learn your new city by jog or walk; it’s a win – win all around and you acclimate yourself much faster!” We also drive over the Narrows Bridge and visit Point Defiance Park in North Tacoma’s Ruston area. There is an abundance of trails, vistas of Dalco Passage (sometimes passing Orcas!), a duck pond and an impressive old-growth forest that provides lots of photo ops!