new york city skyline

ISSUE #5: New York City

Each time I travel, even if it is to a familiar place, I am impressed by new revelations and experiences. Recently, on a business trip to New York City, surrounded by the leaders of our industry, I was reminded just how essential people and relationships are for success and happiness. Later, on a run through Central Park, I veered off my usual path around the reservoir for a chance to revel at the Met from its famous entrance. As I stretched on the bottom step, I was humbled by the history within the building before me and its constant dialogue with the city and with the world.

Visit the city parks; they are incredible public assets. When I’m in town I never miss a chance to run through Central Park near the reservoir.  The High Line, another favorite,  is a one-mile linear green space built on a section of the elevated former New York Central Railroad spur, which runs along the lower west side of Manhattan. I can never get enough of the local architecture, the MOMA, and the food! Check out outstanding restaurants such as La Grenouille, classic, uptown, old New York French dining, and Balthazar, French-meets-New York bistro fare on the Upper West Side.