ISSUE #29: ANDREW’S LETTER: New Things at Browne

Life Starts All Over Again When It Gets Crisp In The Fall.

– F. Scott Fitzgerald

I return to this quote often when the seasons change, it’s one of my favorites from one of my all time favorite authors.  Honestly, I’ve probably included it in this letter before, but this Fall it seems very appropriate, so here I am returning to it again.  The reason being, Browne Family Vineyards has a lot of new beginnings that Courtney and I are thrilled to share with you.

First and foremost, we will be opening a new tasting room in Bellevue on Old Main street at the end of October.  The East Side has been an important community for Browne Family Vineyards since its inception and we are thrilled to finally have a home to welcome you to which will be a wonderful next step for us.

We will also be opening Browne Family Vineyards at The Historic Trolley House in Walla Walla.  A stately and historic landmark on Cherry Street, the new space is the perfect venue for private tastings with larger groups, blending events, barrel sampling and private events— which you can enjoy in addition to our Walla Walla tasting room on Main Street.

And finally last but absolutely not least, we will be launching Browne Family Spirits in October, our first endeavor beyond wine.  The collection will be focused on locally sourced, limited-edition Bourbon, Rye and Whiskey by Kentucky-native and master distiller Aaron Kleinhelter, all made in my hometown of Spokane, Washington.  This is an exciting, full circle moment for me for sure.

So, please enjoy our newest Spectacle that highlights some of my favorite authors.  And I wish you all a very fruitful fall season.

All My Best,