Tractors in vineyards

ISSUE #10: In the Vineyards

We’re gearing up for harvest at Browne Family Vineyards and 2016 is one we’re looking forward to. In terms of temperature, Washington has been on target with regard to heat accumulation in the vineyards to ensure phenolic ripeness. Over the past few weeks, temperatures in the 70s and 80s have slammed the brakes on the accumulation of heat. Our Director of Viticulture, Dave Minick, who oversees all of our Browne Family vineyards reports “that the week before July 4, we got all that cool weather. It made things stop, which isn’t a bad thing. In June, we were probably tracking almost a week ahead of last year, which is really starting to get out there. Now, we’re a little behind last year.” Unlike recent growing seasons neither the threat of drought or wildfire are present. In fact, our winter and spring provided ample rain and snow-pack in the mountains to replenish reservoirs, which have kept the vines from experiencing stress. As of late July we were seeing veraison – or the color transformation of the berries – begin in the vineyards and the last stages of ripening will happen throughout August and early-to-mid September. Overall, we’re looking to pull in a fantastic crop of fruit this year and can’t wait to see the fruit come into the cellar.