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ISSUE #18: Final Thought – Being Present

Dr. Richard Moss, an expert and author in conscious living, once said “the greatest gift you can give another is the purity of your attention.” It’s so true! This can take shape in holding eye contact during a face-to-face conversation, not clacking away on your laptop during a group meeting and resisting the urge to text or take calls in the board room. Technology makes it too easy to distract us, but even without electronics, we can still be “removed” with thoughts of deadlines and the daily challenges of balancing work and personal life. Breathe fully, engage yourself in what is happening right in front of your eyes, and when facing the computer, ask yourself: what is the most productive thing you could be doing right now? You may find the answer is not being in front of that computer at all! By being present, we give more quality to our thoughts, and our actions and reactions to others.