Sprouts in soil pots

ISSUE #19: Final Thought – Earth Day

Everyone can help save the planet through better habits. Your moves don’t have to be extreme to be revolutionary. It’s the little things. Consider pitching in on a beach cleanup—or on a micro level, walk the block with a bag to pick up litter. Plant a tree which helps produce oxygen. Think about what you might already do and do more of it: reuse bags at the grocery store, walk (run!) or ride a bike in lieu of driving on short trips, shop at a local farmers market, commit to using your own water bottle to cut down on plastics. Of course, recycle the glass, paper and plastics in your own household. Compost food waste and enrich your own dirt while saving the landfills of more waste. We know what to do, and we should be doing it every day. Need ideas? Check out earthday.org for more.