Chia Seed Smoothie with raspberries

ISSUE #19: Post-Workout Fuel

We love our Magic Bullet and getting creative with fresh and frozen fruit/veggies, protein powders and superfood powders. offers some great bases to start. We have the “health bundle” of superfood products which allows for plug-and-play creating based on our needs/ wants. Works great for our family as there is always something for everyone. I usually peruse its blog for recipes and to discover ton of combinations that shake up the smoothie routine and delve into other superfood applications such as salad dressings, overnight oats and our fave, the Bliss Balls. We need lots of ‘grab and go’ ideas and these are perfect!

Family food follies….We recently confirmed that our habits are rubbing off on Ellie because we caught her making her own shake not too long ago – she made quite the mess (er, blend?) with multiple powders and even got them loaded up and ready to mix in the magic bullet! The result wasn’t perfect but we sure loved watching her work her magic, and as a parent, we were thrilled that our three-year-old was imitating mom and dad – and in a very good way – even if it meant a lengthy cleanup process!