ISSUE #28: Favorite Brand: Cotopaxi

I am huge fan of Cotopaxi, who creates sustainably designed outdoor gear that supports both adventure and global change. Cotopaxi (pronounced koh-toh-PAHK-see) is named after a mountain in Ecuador sacred to native Quechuans Cotopaxi and is one of the world’s highest active volcanoes. The company dedicates a percentage of their revenues to nonprofits working to improve the human condition. In short, they make products that last—and have a lasting impact.

And one of their items I love are the Cubos (CUH-bos) Travel Cubes. They are made from 100% remnant materials that could have gone to a landfill but instead, are now one-of-a-kind packs. One of my secrets for easy travel is the use of these travel cubes to keep everything neat and organized. Especially when traveling with multiple cords, chargers, and documents (and with kids!). Knowing where things are packed for easy access is essential.

Give them a try on your next trip and definitely check out Cotopaxi.