Browne Walla Walla Tasting Room

ISSUE #9: Emily Anderson, Browne Family Tasting Room Manager

YOU COULD SAY EMILY CAME WITH THE PLACE…and we wouldn’t have it any other way! Hired by Waterbrook Winery in 2001 at 31 E. Main, Emily has deep roots in Walla Walla and is known and loved by all. A talented, customer-centric salesperson in and outside of the tasting room, she’s been a part of Browne Family Vineyards since its very first vintage. Appointed the Browne Family Vineyards tasting room manager two years ago, Emily considers the winery one of the most exciting things to happen at First & Main in years. “We have very loyal wine lovers who come in each week to fill their villagers, a quickly growing wine club and we are constantly racing to keep Browne Family inventory in line with the demand,” she says.

Emily recently ushered in the tasting room’s first “Royster” (rose and oyster) event, which had the staff working overtime with a patio and tasting room filled with enthusiastic food and wine lovers. The oyster event will be held twice each year, returning in Oct. with a Sauvignon Blanc pairing.

Look forward to other Browne Family events such as:

  • An annual roaring 20s soiree with Canoe Ridge Vineyard at the Marcus Whitman, complete with Model Ts – held April 23, 2016
  • Movie nights the last Thursday of the month (“Seven Brides, Seven Brothers” is next up)
  • Spring Barrel tasting the first weekend in May
  • Macarons and Mimosas on Mother’s Day
  • A multi-winery June pickup party at the Powerhouse Theatre

And much more!

Here’s a little Emily lore you don’t know: By the time she was five, Emily had been to 45 U.S. states, and she spent her kindergarten year in Tahiti! No wonder she’s lived in Walla Walla the past 28 years: she’s traveled more as a youngster than many of us do in a lifetime. Cheers!