Whiskey and cigar

ISSUE #3: Norrie Suder

Norrie is our neighbor at Eleven Northshore. I was lucky enough to meet this man my first weekend out there. He came over and shared both his story and his bottle of Jameson whisky with me and after a couple of hours and a couple of laughs, the gate adjoining our decks has remained open ever since. Norrie is 88 years old; a military vet and the longest standing and oldest member of his volunteer clown association.

You may have even seen him at Seafair and local pride festivals around Seattle. Norrie is the epitome of a family man and each time I see him, he grants me an experience and each time we part, I reflect on our shared moments and realize that he has opened my eyes to what it means to lead a life well-lived. I owe that man a thank you… and a bottle of Jameson.

Have you met someone this summer that has impacted your life? Be sure to take a minute to let them know how special they are to you. It may mean more to them than you know.