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ISSUE #3: Five Came Back by Mark Harris

Mark Harris’ tale of five famous Hollywood directors who in the height of their careers made the decision to support the war effort, take military pay, live within the military hierarchy and risk their own lives for the Republic and Victory.

A riveting read that kept me entranced during evenings at Eleven Northshore that takes us to the Pacific, Europe and back home, during one of the toughest times in the history of the United States. These phenomenal men embodied everything that defined “The Greatest Generation,” integrity, hard work and passion, much like my greatest inspiration, my late grandfather, William Bitner Browne.

World War II divided these five unforgettable lives – on the level of the film industry and the country as a whole. Like these five men, Hollywood too, and indeed all of America, came back from the war having grown up more than a little. Enjoy learning about these Hollywood directors and the 20th Century history all in one read.